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Web marketing


webmarketing smallINTERNATIONAL WEB MARKETING, we bring businesses around the world with the best yield performance from local market to global. We plan the strategy and measure the results.

Visibility through search engines

The SEO and SEM services increase visibility in the target country. Through the analysis of opportunities and competitors to reach the optimization of the company website. The multilingual site is the starting point, the publication of content that can enhance the product, based on the latest algorithms of Google, the presence of sites and industry portals and AdWords advertising campaigns are the next step.

Social Media Marketing

Social media represent an established marketing channel, just think of the enormous capacity of the advertising on Facebook or to the potential of LinkedIn in B2B. Social networking allows you to find business partners abroad, the loyalty of customers and suppliers and to keep up to date on industry trends. Export managers are trained to be able to use these tools to the fullest.

E-mail marketing

Powerful tool to convey news and offers, if used properly allows you to retain customers and business partners. The export manager may rely on the support of professionals to create a profile contacts database, import it into an email marketing professional platform, and so create a strategic asset that will remain the company.


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