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Dop Italian Food Agency

The P.D.O. Italian food products excellence have a new and innovative sales & marketing services.

To the best P.D.O. Italians products are a reality able to attend the international scene and to propose the prestigious Italian agri-food and culinary heritage in the world.

DOP Italian Food Agency is a quality brand that creates a "network of" P.D.O. Italian products businesses for the global market (only one top 25 company by product type) without competition cor the companies present in the agency.

The partners were selected with great care, in particular giving priority to those which ensure and certify the excellence of production and turnover.

A strategic plan will be developed for each partner for internationalization (Bench-Marking), including customized analysis of commodity flows in the major countries.

The goal is to increase sales in the international growth markets, providing a set of synergistic services:
- Export Manager "outsourcing of professional"
- Marketing "International fairs in strategic countries"
- Public Relations "Articles in trade magazines and blogs on the Internet"
- Portal "dopitalianfood.com" Multilingual

The primary objective of the Export Manager is linked to the results and is able to direct its service to a steady increase in sales of the partner companies.

Public Relations are synergistic with promotional activities, advertising, media campaigns and the development of commercial operations considered necessary.

The internationalization costs faced by companies are a fraction when compared to the real costs of the Dop Italian Food Agency services with the benefit of maximum yield minimum spending, especially in the phase of international promotion.

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