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Internationalization Brazil

The reasons that lead companies to internationalization:

In the abstract, there are several factors that can encourage businesses to foreign markets:

  • slowdown in demand in the domestic market; 
  • prospect of increasing profits by lowering costs and risks.

The reasons that lead companies to internationalization:

In the abstract, there are several factors that can encourage businesses to foreign markets:

  • slowdown in demand in the domestic market
  • prospect of increasing profits by lowering costs and risks.

There are other reasons, related to the internal situation of the country:

  • growth of the tax burden; 
  • closure of credit to businesses; 
  • stifling bureaucracy; 
  • increased competition.

The opportunities offered by the internationalization of business in brazil for a company that wants to open up to the Brazilian market the perspective of the benefits which can thereby benefit is wide and varied.

In fact, the careful choice of a specific market, through the proper planning of the strategy of penetration allows you to:

  • market their products under a lack of competition;
  • benefit from a more streamlined bureaucracy and simplified taxation schemes;
  • an easier way to access lines of credit;
  • bring down the cost of doing business.

The process of internationalization:

The definition of business strategies includes:

1. preliminary analysis
1.1. identify the strengths and weaknesses of the firm, then their competitive advantages;
1.2. acquire information about the characteristics of new potential markets (supply / demand / competition laws, habits, evolving trends, etc..) to assess what are the opportunities and threats;
1.3. choose the / target markets;
1.4. define the most appropriate business strategy to penetrate effectively, stable and durable the new market.

2. operational phase:
2.1. export activity of one or more products through an agent;
2.2. export activities through foreign sellers who are headed to the company;
2.3. relocation of production abroad.

The obstacles to be addressed:

The planning and realization of the process of internationalization of a firm activities are complex and not without obstacles from affrontarequali:

lack of knowledge of the political, economic, legal and commercial in which the target market;
lack of knowledge of the social cultural and religious habits of potential consumers;
the risks associated with foreign exchange rate;
language barriers;
lack of established relationships with suppliers and distributors on site.

It follows that the employer intends to project its business beyond the boundaries of the domestic market, in a totally autonomous, is inevitably forced to undergo a latency of effective operation overly broad. The decision to seek professional expertise in the industry is by far the most far-sighted choice to mitigate risks and ensure at the same time secure the achievement of its business objectives across the border, in the shortest possible time.

The Consultant Brazil can provide the best support to the company that has decided to undertake a process of internationalization, offering its expertise in the field of business management internationally, through a wide network of partners, associates and contacts in the field that allows international organizations to ensure the following services:

  • assistance at all stages of the internationalization process;
  • assessment of the potential for internationalization of the company;
  • market analysis;
  • identifying and selecting strategic partners;
  • construction of business plans, feasibility studies and business plans;
  • establishment of foreign subsidiaries, branches or representative offices;
  • establishment and operation of business networks;
  • international tax assistance, tax and customs;
  • operations of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions;
  • search for sources of funding;
  • Marketing evolved through collaboration with Brazilian partners specialized.

The areas of activity:

Our structure supports its customers in all phases of the internationalization process (from the definition of the identification of the best access strategy, the organization of subsequent phases of permanence and maintenance, to the planning evolution or the way-out) favoring specific sectors of activity such as:

  • Agroindustriale
  • renewable energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fashion Art & Design
  • Automotive
  • engineering
  • Healthcare (health care, medical products, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)
  • Facility Management
  • Security

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